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Simplifying Insurance for a Mobile Workforce
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Group Global Renters

Vacant Property Insurance

Jacob Street Partners provides a full suite of services to assist relocation management companies and their clients with their vacant property insurance needs. We can help our clients with insuring their transferee’s home during the home sale process or for an individual leaving their home in property management and going abroad.

In most jurisdictions, domestic insurers are reluctant to cover vacant or tenant occupied dwellings. Often these insurers will either provide limited coverage or no coverage at all, thus creating the potential for a serious financial loss to the expatriate. Jacob Street has partnered with a leading provider of global insurance that is keenly aware of this problem and, as a result, provides coverage for vacant or rented homes owned by transferees. Our policy offers the following coverage features:

Unique Advantages for Global Assignees

Peace of Mind: The comfort of knowing your vacant home is properly insured with a coverage that is broader than most domestic insurers are willing to offer.

Coverage: Most domestic insurers will not renew risks for homes that are vacant/tenant occupied, particularly if the property owner is away on foreign assignment. We recognize the challenge. As a result, we have partnered with a leading provider of worldwide coverage for vacant locations.

Claims Settlement: Our mandate to our clients is to settle claims as quickly and as fairly as possible. A claims unit is accessible from anywhere in the world, online, 24 hours a day, 7-day-per-week. Once the claim is settled and the final payment amount is determined, funds are wire transferred to the bank of your choice, wherever it is.

Stability: The combined resources of our partners working in tandem to safeguard your vacant/rented home against serious losses.