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Copy of Temporary Housing Insurance

Temporary Housing Insurance

Jacob Street is proud to offer clients temporary housing protection. Our temporary housing insurance, in partnership with Clements Worldwide, is a package insurance product to provide coverage to those staying in short term accommodations. This protection provides personal content and personal premises liability coverage for the clients/guests. Coverage begins once the guest has checked into the rental facility and terminates once the guest (beneficiary) has checked out of the rental facility.


Personal Content

  • All personal belongings insured at Replacement Cost.

  • Personal belongings insurance includes coverage up to USD 50,000. Applicable deductible USD 150.00.

  • Special limitation on personal belongings: *High Value Items: USD 5,000 | Money and Securities: USD 500 (*High Value Items are defined as: jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semi-precious stones, silverware, silver-plated ware, gold ware, gold-plated ware, pewter ware, fine arts, camera and equipment, computers and tablets, telephones, oriental rugs, musical instruments and coin collections).

Personal Premises Liability

This coverage is worldwide and protects clients/guests who may become legally liable to pay for property damage caused while registered in the temporary housing including short term apartment rentals.

  • Liability coverage protects the clients/guests if they are sued for damage caused by fire, explosion, water damage or smoke to the temporary housing unit and its contents.

  • Personal premises liability includes coverage up to USD 300,000.

Supplementary Coverage

  • Accidental Damage Coverage includes coverage up to USD $15,000 and provides protection for accidental damage to the rental unit during the stay. Coverage includes broken furniture, damage to walls, damage to countertops, pet damage, etc.

  • Bed Bug Remediation Coverage of USD 2,500 (Applicable deductible of USD 250.00) which provides coverage to remediate any infestation of bed bugs if during a covered stay at an insured rental property.


Please send all notices of claims to Clements Worldwide.

Provide us with: 

  • Your name

  • Date of loss

  • Contact details (email, telephone numbers)

  • Master Policy Holder

  • Policy number

  • Summary of the claim, any other information

By email:

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Toll Free worldwide:

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