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Simplifying Insurance for a Mobile Workforce
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Within the United States we work with many carriers to ensure that our clients not only get the best rate but also the right coverage. These carriers understand the unique needs of foreign nationals and returning Americans and understand this population does not fit into the traditional insurance underwriting process. 

Because many international transferees do not have US credit or driving history, insurance companies quote higher rates than necessary since the transferee does not fit their profile. Insurance terminology and processes may also seem confusing; due to private health care and the litigious society within the US, there is a greater need for quality insurance options. Jacob Street has developed a program to simplify the process while delivering excellent value by partnering with some of the top insurance carriers in the industry and and providing private counseling to ensure competitive rates. 

Our insurance professionals are available to counsel the transferee with their insurance needs.  Many carriers offer direct billing to the transferee, allowing them several weeks to organize their finances in the host country prior to having to pay for their insurance. 

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Provide personalized services.
  • Deliver competitive rates
  • Make the process as clear and easy as possible
  • Offer a good value of price, coverage and service

We offer:

  • Pre-departure advice concerning essential documents
  • Needs assessment by phone (US only), email or our web portal
  • A secure website that safeguards data and ensures privacy
  • Briefing on policies and explanation of terms
  • 24 hour call center for reporting claims

Planning Ahead when Moving to the United States

When buying insurance you're looking for just the right mix of price and protection. At Jacob Street, we understand that you want to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected. You also have a budget. We make certain you have the coverage you need by working with multiple carriers. We also counsel you to bring the right forms of documentation from your home country to be viewed in the best light by an insurance company.


Helpful documentation to bring from your Home Country when applying for insurance within the United States:

  • Proof of prior insurance from Home country insurer in English
  • Verification of driving history in English
  • Letter of Employment on company letterhead stating total compensation, length of assignment and job title

In addition, please provide a copy of rental or purchase agreement.

If you have any questions regarding what you should bring, feel free to email us at insurance@jacobstreet.com or call 203-210-7257.