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Simplifying Insurance for a Mobile Workforce
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Global Secure

Global Secure

International Transit, Travel, and Global Renters Insurance

This personal property insurance plan fills the void in most corporate plans, as most only offer insurance while items are shipped. Once “transferees” are overseas, they are essentially on their own to identify adequate insurance providers - this plan provides a simple and verified solution.

A continuous, simplified solution offered via the relocation management firm or corporation will not only create differentiation amongst a highly competitive market, but will increase the value proposition to corporate clients by offering them a “vetted” resource to where they can refer staff and mitigate their exposure.

Transit & Destination Coverage:

This plan offers both transit and destination insurance coverage. It is designed for individuals who have not yet moved to their foreign destination. This coverage helps to eliminate the gaps that occur by purchasing separate policies and can act as excess insurance on top of any existing transit policies purchased via the moving company.

Unscheduled Coverage

Unscheduled coverage is essentially blanket coverage for your personal belongings. Items are covered at full replacement cost, and coverage is provided while the insured is at their overseas residence as well as while traveling. Commercial storage coverage is also available as an added option.

Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance

This liability coverage provides worldwide protection for damages (including defense costs) the insured is legally obligated to pay as a result of bodily injury and/or property damage to others. This coverage provides protection for the insured and their family members living in the same household. The program includes 500,000 USD of coverage automatically. Higher limits of coverage are available.