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Jacob Street offers the most comprehensive Global Moving Insurance through our partnership with XN Global® Moving Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for employees' family belongings, anywhere in the world. No territorial restrictions apply: so wherever you're going, you can rest assured that you're covered. Jacob Street® Moving Insurance also applies to every stage of the move. So once packed, you can concentrate your thoughts and energies on more important things. That's not all — Jacob Street Moving Insurance also costs less than stand-alone policies.

The simple, efficient way to protect personal belongings to and from the foreign assignment location... for less!

Jacob Street Moving Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your family belongings, anywhere in the world.

Coverage Features

  • Comprehensive: covers all physical damage, such as breakage, damage, disappearance, loss, theft and water damage.

  • Applies worldwide: no territorial restrictions.

  • Takes effect when goods are packed or removed by the carrier, and ceases when goods are received or unpacked (if carrier is responsible for unpacking).
  • Applies to both actual transportation operations and storage exposures during transit.
  • Applies regardless of means of transportation chosen by carrier.
  • There is no deductible.

Benefits for Expatriates

Simple and easy:

Jacob Street, in partnership with XN Global® Moving Insurance can be obtained via our secure extranet site with the following features:

  • Insurance certificate can be printed out immediately.
  • Full description of coverage and services provided online.

A quick and effective claims procedure:

  • Notification of Losses can be made electronically (via email or an online form on this website) or by calling a toll-free international number.
  • Claims handled by an XN representative.

Flexible and comprehensive coverage:

  • No prior inventory required to bind coverage

Loss Examples

Here are a few examples of the kind of occurrences you are covered against by the Jacob Street Global® Moving Insurance program:

  • Upon opening a container, an expatriate discovers that rodents have caused significant damage to his furniture and books during transportation.
  • Upon delivery of their shipment, a couple expatriated to Madagascar discover that their refrigerator is missing.
  • As a result of a typhoon in the China Sea, a container is lost at sea during transportation. Consequently, an employee of a major petroleum company assigned to Malaysia loses all of his personal property.

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