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Simplifying Insurance for a Mobile Workforce
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Global Insurance

Global Insurance Options

Organizing an international move can be a complicated and cumbersome task, but protecting your assets and the safety of your family should not have to be. Choosing the right insurance coverage is the first step to an easy, hassle free move. Jacob Street makes insurance easy by working with Clements Worldwide, a leading international insurance provider with over 65 years of experience, ensuring your clients receive the best available options and affording them the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected no matter where in the world they are.

International Health Care

Worldwide comprehensive medical insurance with flexible payment plans and choice of deductibles. Emergency Evacuation and family reunion coverage.

Personal Accident

Coverage for accidental death & dismemberment, disability, medical evacuation, acts of war/terrorism.

International renters

Coverage and protection against losses to tangible property; also automatically provides insurance against worldwide personal liability exposures. .

International Term Life

1 to 10 year terms, Available worldwide; can be primary or supplemental coverage.

International Auto

Worldwide comprehensive auto insurance with physical damage and liability coverage, flexible deductibles and competitive pricing.

Specialty Coverage

Kidnap and ransom insurance, long term disability, custom program design.