Jacob Street Partners
Simplifying Insurance for a Mobile Workforce
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About us


Jacob Street Partners was founded on the belief that transferees deserve access to high quality insurance coverage at reasonable rates and receive expert counseling from professionals who understand both insurance AND relocation. We don’t think that is too much to expect, so we developed proprietary insurance products to help individuals and companies mitigate risk.

About Our Name

A view of our namesake, Rue Jacob

A view of our namesake, Rue Jacob

We are frequently asked about our name and how we chose it. The inspiration came from Rue Jacob in Paris- a place cherished in our hearts.

We also liked the imagery behind the name.  Much like an international assignment, Jacob Street represents a journey, not a destination.  Our goal is to assist individuals with all of their insurance needs while on assignment and help them as they transition to their next location- whether it be back home or on to the next post. 


Get in touch

At Jacob Street, we want to simplify the insurance needs for today’s mobile workforce. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help.

Corporate Headquarters:
5 River Rd
Suite 104
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 210-7257

For questions relating to specific insurance policies within the US call:
Elizabeth Soley
(203) 210-7257.

For questions regarding Vacant Property Insurance/International Belongings and Liability insurance
Please go to the Get A Quote page.


Our Partners

To achieve the highest standards of service and deliver quality products means partnering with the very best in the insurance industry. We have carefully selected our partners for outstanding service, integrity and financial strength.

You Decide

You Decide is a full service insurance agency with offices in Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA and Richmond VA. For almost 20 years, You Decide has provided web-based insurance solutions for employees of Fortune 1,000 companies. You Decide understands the unique needs of the international employee, and is able to provide customized customer service , as well as the insurance companies who work with international clients.


Clements Worldwide is the leading provider of international insurance solutions for the multi-national community. Founded in 1947 our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals living and working abroad regardless of nationality or country assignment. We are the largest provider of insurance solutions to the international school community and international relief organizations as well as to US Foreign Service Officers worldwide. Clements provides coverage in over 180 countries with multi-line underwriting authority with Lloyds of London.


XN is proud to be the premier insurance provider catering to the mobility needs of internationally mobile employees. They provide comprehensive solutions to the many special insurance problems faced by our multinational clients through the XN Global program.

XN Global provides a wide range of risk solutions which include International Life, Health and Disability insurance; International Personal Property & Liability insurance; Kidnap, Extortion and Detention insurance as well as Moving, Political Risk and Vacant and Tenant Occupied Dwelling insurance packages. All programs are delivered using the convenient and globally accessible XN Global website in a cost-effective manner.